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New project: Process optimization in furniture retail market
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New member of the HULOCON team: Mr Frederik Schaefer
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New member of the HULOCON team: Mr Emin Cosar
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Hulocon OR-Tools (2000-2002)
Project information
Short description HULOCON OR-Tools combines a number of
methods in the area of operational
research. The tools serve the decision
support of selected business cases.
Type of project Software-Engineering
Domain Operational Research, logistics management
Project time frame since 2001
Status under development

A number of selected business problems can be solved in a fast and efficient way using operational research (OR) models and methods. HULOCON OR-Tools includes a variety of those models and methods. It therefore offers a wide area of instruments for decision support.

Methods that are both already included or planned to be included are:
  • Computation of minimum spanning woods, e.g. for minimizing cost for energy networks.
  • Computation of shortest paths between two nodes, e.g. for route planning.
  • Computation of shortest distances and routes between all nodes of a network (distance and path matrix).
  • Computation of transport and trans-shipment problems.
  • Display and computation of event trees.
  • Display and computation of fault trees.
  • Display and computation of decision trees.

HULOCON OR-Tools can be used for supporting teaching acitivities: The intuitive use allows for a fast entering and/or changing of models and parameters. The structure of models can be displayed both in tabular and graphical way. The included 'trace function' gives information on any step of the various algorithms.

SKATER and PIKAS (1996-1997)
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